I’m Not Dead, I’m Just Resting

It turns out I’m not dead, I just forgot to update this with anything because I’ve been busy working and moving house and being on Twitter and doing my other, boring, technical website.

But now, updates, maybe.

Either way, I’ve been doing a podcast thing with this guy I know and it’s available here: www.twostarpodcast.co.uk. It’s godawful but it’s also free, so on balance it’s amazing value.

I’m also still writing for Gaminglives where I’ve done things like this about non-games and this about a game and this about D I G I T A L S P O R T S and you should probably read them and then read other things.

Until next year, kids!

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I am the person responsible for all this, that's all you need to know.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead, I’m Just Resting”

  1. hey spad… was just looking thru bookmarks and saw your spad.co.uk and wondered how u were doing… cheers :martini:

    – Brian

    1. Hey, I’m good thanks. Got a job and a house and all those things that come along with being 30. You? Anything @spad.co.uk will reach me if you want to email.

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