The selected task “{0}” no longer exists

Ever since my power supply blew up and took my system down rather unexpectedly, I’ve been getting an error message every time I open up Task Scheduler in Windows 7; specifically “The selected task “{0}” no longer exists”. I’ve looked all over the place for a solution, but the majority of them just consist of identifying and deleting the missing tasks from the file system, which isn’t ideal when you’ve got loads of built-in system tasks that probably do importantish things.

So, brain was engaged, files were examined and a solution was found:

  1. Run Task Scheduler (TS)
  2. When the error(s) appear, dismiss them
  3. Navigate to each folder and subfolder in turn until you get the error message. Note the folder name and any tasks that *do* display
  4. Exit TS
  5. Open Explorer and navigate to %windir%\system32\tasks\ and then down to the folder from #3
  6. Cut & Paste the files that *aren’t* displayed in TS to a temporary location (Make sure you Cut and not Copy)
  7. Re-open TS, dismiss any errors and navigate back to the folder from #3, which should now open without any errors
  8. Right-Click on the folder and choose “Import Task”
  9. Set the “File Type” selection to “All Files” and then select the file you cut in #6, then OK the imported task. Repeat for any other tasks in that folder
  10. Return to #3 until all folders have been checked and you should now be able to open TS without any errors and without having lost any tasks

Note: I found that several of the tasks that I had created myself had “lost” their scheduling information (No “Next Run” time) and I had to open them, make an arbitrary change to the “Trigger” settings and then re-save them to put them back on track again.

Update: Fuck it, the same problem has come back again – it’s obviously something more serious than a one-off file corruption.

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  1. I had the same problem on a new Win7 SP1 64-bit installation. I discovered by right-clicking through all the scheduled task folders that the problem is Disk Defrag. I turned off scheduled disk defrag using the check box option provided in the Disk Defrag configuration dialog box, but that causes this error appear in the Windows Task Scheduler. Clearly a bug in Windows that should be fixed by Microsoft.

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