Ed Vaizey Is A Fucking Idiot


He says: “We have got to continue to encourage the market to innovate and experiment with different business models and ways of providing consumers with what they want.

“This could include the evolution of a two-sided market where consumers and content providers could choose to pay for differing levels of quality of service.”

He also suggests that content makers could be charged for the first time for the use of the ISP’s networks – provided they too were clear about what they were getting.

How many times do we have to say this? Slashdot (for example) already pays their ISP for bandwidth to host their content. It is not, therefore, OK for my ISP to then charge Slashdot again for me to access that content. Just like it’s not OK for Slashdot’s ISP to charge me to access that content, because I already pay my ISP for that. This is what Peering agreements are there for and if ISPs don’t feel they’re getting a fair deal then they need to take that up with the other service providers, not the people at the end of the pipe.

This is on top of the fact that this “market” idea for QoS will inevitably end up with ISPs acting like TV companies. “Get our basic package to access the internet very slowly at low priority, only £9.99/month. Want to be able to use the iPlayer during waking hours? Get our BBC pack for only £4.99/month extra. Sorry, but due to a dispute with Google over pricing, we’re unable to offer our Search Engine pack this month, so you won’t be able to find anything on the internet”. And so on.

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