Today marks the subscriber headstart for the new City of Heroes: Freedom, erm…thing. It’s both the launch of Issue 21 (the 21st free content update for the game) and the move to a Free-To-Pay/Freemium gameplay model. For all the details, check out the website here:

In essence, they’re taking the same hybrid approach as a lot of Free-To-Play games and offering a Gold, Silver & Bronze level of access for Subscribers, “Paying” users and Freeloaders respectively, with the obvious goal being to tempt players to move up the tiers until they’re paying a monthly subscription.

Anyway, if you haven’t played City of Heroes before, or have but have drifted away from the game, then I highly recommend you take a look at Freedom when it goes live for everyone in a couple of weeks time.

Update: Freedom is now live, so go sign up for free here:

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